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Which Pixar character are you?
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Which Pixar character are you most like? Find out!
Welcome to pixar_stamps! If you are a Disney or Pixar fan and love stamping, this is for you! We will have occasional themes for the different films. List of films to be stamped on: Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Up, and Wall-e.

1. You must be a member to post anything.
2. When filling out your application: be honest! Put in as much detail as you can so your rating is accurate.
3. So I know you have read the rules please post: "To infinity and beyond!" in the subject line.
4. If you are responding to a theme or posting anything other than your main application please put who you were stamped as in the subject line, and what the theme is.
5. You must receive a regular stamp before posting anything but your main application.
6. All applications must be under a LJ cut. If you do not know how, go
7. Be nice! Any rudeness will not be tolerated!
8. VOTE on ALL unstamped applications before you post yours! It's common courtesy! How can you expect to get any votes if you don't vote on others?
9. If you do not vote on all the unstamped applications like you are supposed to do--I don't care what the circumstances--you will get a tag on your application saying "!donotvote". This will let the other users know not to vote on your application until you have voted on the other applications before yours.

1. Please bold your votes! To do so, simply put <*b>textgoeshere<*/b>, and remove the stars. You can also write: <*strong>textgoeshere<*/strong>, again removing the stars.
2. Try to keep your votes for one person 1 to 2 at the most.
3. You may vote for others with or without a stamp.
4. Here is a list of the MAIN stamps and characters:

1. Only a moderator can stamp you.
2. Once you are stamped, please save your stamp on your own server.
3. You will be stamped after 3-5 days or after you have received 5-7 votes.

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General Application & Theme


All time #1 favorite movie:
Animated Movie:
Place to be:

Are you...
A pessimist or an optimist?
Shy or outgoing?
Tall or short?
Immature or mature?
Kind or cruel?

About You In General
5 positive words about yourself:
5 negative words about yourself:
What are your hobbies and talents?:
Describe your relationship with your family and friends:
Any pet peeves?:
How do you feel about love?:

What is your favorite Pixar movie?
Do you prefer traditional 2-D animation or Pixar's style?
What Pixar character do you feel is not like you at all?
Would you like same-gender stamps, or all that is listed?
Please vote on ALL UNSTAMPED APPLICATIONS before posting your own!

You may apply for any of the past themes if you have missed them. Make sure to list which theme you are applying for in the title.
THIS MONTH'S THEME//Voice Actress Mirror
28th Theme//Food
27th Theme//Items Theme
26th Theme//Mirror Theme: Part 2
25th Theme//Incredibles Superheroes
24th Theme//Families
23rd Theme//Toy Story 3
22nd Theme//Stereotypes Theme
21st Theme//Male Best Friends
20th Theme//Female Best Friends
19th Theme//Pixar Shorts Movies
18th Theme//Movies
17th Theme//Pixar Shorts Characters
16th Theme//Female Outfits
15th Theme//Location Theme
14th Theme//A Bug's Life
13th Theme//Cars
12th Theme//Up
11th Theme//Toy Story
10th Theme//Monsters Inc.
9th Theme//Ratatouille
8th Theme//The Incredibles
7th Theme//Finding Nemo
6th Theme//WALL-E
5th Theme//Mirror
4th Theme//Songs
3rd Theme//Disney Royalty
2nd Theme//Matchmaking
1st Theme//Villain


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